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Talking marriage: I think my husband has another woman

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I have been married to this Simon for seven years and we have three children. Before we got officially married, he was caring. Simon would give me all the things I needed, buy food at home, pay all the bills and shop for the children. However when we got married, he started changing.
He stopped paying rent, refused to pay the children’s school fees, he would not buy food and yet he did not want me to even complain about his bahaviour. He would do all this despite the fact that he has a well-paying job.
For a while, I thought Simon would change. But after staying with him for five years, I noticed that he was not changing. I decided to move out and rented a house close to my parent’s home because they were the ones that were paying my children’s school fees and also footing some of the bills at my home.
No sooner had I left than he also came and started benching at my house until he finally moved in. But even then, he continued with his behaviour of not paying for anything at home. He does not even buy food and yet at times when I do not have money, I get food from my parents.
Since I cannot take care of my children with the meager earnings I get, I was forced to move my children to my parent’s house. I just pass by in the evening to check on them but it’s my dad who takes them to school and also picks them in the evening.
The funny bit is that my husband does not even see a single problem with the way he is behaving to the extent that he even parks his car in my parent’s compound given that there is no parking space at the place where I am renting.
He even does not appear at any get together ceremony at home. He is really stressing me and I do not even see any reason as to why I consider myself married because technically, I have no husband.
Right now, my biggest worry is that he might have another woman out there and that he spends all his money on her while I sweat to pay the rent and foot all the bills in the house. I love him but I am so fade up of his behavior.

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